3D4D is proud to be at the leading edge of 3D display technology. are by nature continually. Most of the projects we undertake have some interesting problem to solve, and as such we have won many awards for ground breaking work.

Highlights include:

* Development of the first holographic multiplex machine in UK for making holograms from film.

* The worlds first and only talking hologram

* Twice winners of the UK government SMART Award for the Field Array Hologram, including PCT (Worldwide) and European Patents

* AT&T New Experiments with Art and Technology Award (N.E.A.T) for the Talking hologram. First company outside USA to win it.

* Invented/developed first software for making digital lenticular images.

* Only company to develop Gigasite(TM) technologies for joining lenticular panels enabling any size 3D and animated images.